chapter one

Your life is only just beginning and the things you see and hear will be forgotten in time to become an abstract concept of ‘way back when’. But you exist and your heart is beating and you are breathing. You eat and you sleep. There is no doubt that you are.

What was that world, your world, like?


I believe it is conversation that triggers the best of stories, whereas isolation is the ultimate killer. One should continue to converse, through words or other means, with people, nature or in general: the world.

A collector of stories is what I am and I want to give everyone a chance to share a piece of themselves with me (and the world) by means of answering to a question, sentence or picture. If you are alive, and I am pretty convinced you are, a small conversation might trigger the best of stories. Do not threat to submit yours.


‘our stories’ is a project that revolves around the collecting of stories. I do not wish to portray many different lives as ‘one story’, as I appreciate individuality endlessly, but I do believe that we share similar experiences and whenever we experience something outside of ‘the ordinary’ people will appreciate your sharing of this experience.

This blog will be guided by moments in life like: birth and childhood, adolescence, adulthood and later on to old age and death. These are mere guidelines, which means you can add every part of your story that you wish to share whenever the appropriate age range comes along.

Remember: a story can be told in words, pictures, films, music, drawings and so much more. Feel free to submit what fits you and your story best.